Happy Trees are Healthy Trees

Happy Trees are Healthy Trees

Schedule professional tree planting in Concord, CA and beyond

The trees around your landscape may not need daily maintenance, but they still require a certain level of care to grow healthy and strong. Chandler's Complete Tree Care offers routine tree pruning and health assessments throughout Concord, CA and surrounding Easy Bay communities. Our experts can care for your trees to make sure your landscape looks great all year long.

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Leave your tree planting and pruning to the pros

Diseased, overgrown, rotting or dead trees can pose a big threat to your property. When you need a professional tree service, look no further than Chandler Complete Tree Care. Our comprehensive tree care services include:

  • Tree health diagnostics - We'll check for Dutch elm disease, borer beetles, root rot and fungus and provide you with a full health and safety report.
  • Seasonal tree pruning - To keep your trees and landscape healthy, we'll come out to prune limbs, remove dead branches and clear out dense overgrowth.
  • Tree planting - Trust us to plant, brace and maintain your new trees so they can grow healthy and strong without overcrowding your landscape.
  • Weed maintenance and fire control - We'll thin out dead trees and brush to prevent wildfires from easily spreading throughout your landscape.

Contact us today to learn more about our tree planting and tree health services in Concord, CA and the greater East Bay area.